Brendan King

he/him -- PhD Student at University of California, Santa Cruz - bking2 (at) ucsc (dot) edu


I’m a third year PhD student in Natural Language Processing, working with Prof. Jeffrey Flanigan. My research is focused on dialogue understanding, interactive systems, few-shot NLP methods, and continual learning.

Previously, I was a software engineer at Apptio, and before that a computational research intern at the Institute for Systems Biology, where I helped develop methods for automatic metabolic reconstruction of microbes with Prof. Nathan Price. I also completed my BS in computer science at University of Washington. Outside of work and research I enjoy hiking, mountaineering, skiing and otherwise being outdoors!


Jul 8, 2023 Our work “Diverse Retrieval-Augmented In-Context Learning for Dialogue State Tracking” will be presented at Findings of the ACL, 2023! [paper] [code]
Dec 22, 2022 Our work on Dependency Dialogue Acts (DDA) will be presented at IWSDS 2023!
Sep 22, 2021 Starting my PhD at UC Santa Cruz working with Prof. Jeffrey Flanigan!

selected publications

  1. Diverse Retrieval-Augmented In-Context Learning for Dialogue State Tracking
    Brendan King, and Jeffrey Flanigan
    Jul 2023
  2. Dependency Dialogue Acts — Annotation Scheme and Case Study
    Jon Cai, Brendan King, Margaret Perkoff, and 9 more authors
    In The 13th International Workshop on Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology, IWSDS 2023, Los Angeles, United States, Feb 2023
  3. ProbAnnoWeb and ProbAnnoPy: probabilistic annotation and gap-filling of metabolic reconstructions
    Brendan King, Terry Farrah, Matthew A. Richards, and 3 more authors
    Bioinformatics (Oxford, England), May 2018